Scope of a DSC Home Inspection
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Scope of a DSC Home Inspection

                         The purpose of a home inspection is to discover all significant defects that are visually discernible or that can be discovered without dismantling components of the property: without opening walls or ceilings or excavating the grounds. The home inspection process involves evaluation of the foundation, site drainage, plumbing, and heating equipment, electrical system, doors, windows, interior, exterior wallcovering, fireplaces, attics, roofing and much more.

                       The home inspection starts as soon as the inspector arrives. He looks at site conditions, electrical service entry, exterior conditions, and driveways. Home inspectors check electrical outlets, panel boxes, and observe wiring where visible. Home inspectors check plumbing operation, fixtures and the age of built-in appliances. Common safety issues include smoke alarms, spark arrestors on chimneys, firewalls in garages, stair and deck railings, tempered glass, gas piping among others. Home inspections check list book used for inspection. Call for home inspection costs.


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                      Home inspections typically occur within a certain time frame. The time limit for having one is usually specifed in the contract. As a buyer, do not be placed at a disadavantage and always ask for an inspection. DSC Home Inspections is here to do all of your real estate inspections and building inspections. Currently serving all of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

                           American Society Home Inspectors (ashi), Virginia certified inspector (vachi), HUD REAC certified inspector.

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